With this Total Recon Package your  dealership can eliminate “double dipping” of vendors, ensure that cars have no issues that the customer can haggle the price of the car on, and when the dealership purchases a car or receives one on trade, they can be assured the MOST they will spend on recon is the agreed amount.  Not only does this eliminate paper work, which is a hidden cost in itself, but this will afford the managers the ability to focus on selling the cars, NOT repairing them!! This package can only be totally effective and fair if ALL USED CARS are charged the agreed amount, with the exception of auction cars or a select few others that both the dealership and vendor agree on.
   This reconditioning package does not apply to items that are beyond repairing. (ie. dashes that are cracked or damaged, air bag deployment, bumpers with extensive structural damage requiring replacement, or seats torn extensively - over 3-6 inches.)
  • Carpet dye
  • Fabric seat dye/repair
  • Leather seat dye/repair
  • Cigarette burn repair
  • Minor dash repair
  • Minor door panel repair
  • Seat stitching
  • Headliner repair
  • Seat belt dying
  • Odor control
  • Heal pads installed as necessary
  • Protective carpet film installed

Interior Services

Exterior Services

  • Windshield chips or small cracks repaired
  • Headlight restoration
  • Bumper repair and repaint as needed
  • Paint chips repaired
  • Dents repaired
  • Painted alloy rims and hub caps repaired