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Bent Rim Repair Services

The issue of bent rims on either your car or truck is one that's often the byproduct of an encounter with a curb, running over a pothole or even the wear-and-tear of your brakes. The need to fix bent rims becomes evident when you start encountering vibrations on your steering wheel or perhaps you feel an inability to simply control vehicle movement.

If such symptoms have suddenly arisen, the need to repair bent rim issues by taking it to a business that handles rim repair services becomes vitally important. The issue clearly won't improve on its own, which means that either bent rim repair or bent wheel repair is the only real course of action.

A Visible Concern

As opposed to hairline cracks that might not be clearly visible, bent rim repair is something that becomes evident from even a passing glance. The rim is located specifically to act as an air seal between the wheel and tire, so rim repair services will be needed when that seal is compromised.

Who Can You Trust?

Services that offer to fix bent rims can often be a shot in the dark for drivers that don't have an relationship with businesses that repair bent rim problems. Some of those establishments may be more eager to push for a full wheel replacement when some simple bent wheel repair is all that's required.

A Simple Decision


The good news is that there are rim repair services you can trust, specifically Pioneer First Services, which is located in Winder. We can fix bent rims and repair bent rim issues that need to be addressed, giving you the reassurance you need to travel in the Peach State and beyond. Servicing the metro Atlanta area, our coverage for bent rim repair and bent wheel repair encompasses approximately a 30 mile radius around Athens.


We offer competitive pricing and are ready to help, so give us a call at 762-359-0225 or stop in to have your vehicle repaired.

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