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Wheel Repair And Custom Blackout

alloy Rim and Wheel Dip Blackout

From $125-$250 

Pioneer First Services is a locally owned and operated Alloy rim and wheel repair shop serving the Atlanta metro area. Alloy Wheel and rim replacement can be very expensive, so why replace when you can repair for much less? 

Cracked Rim Repair 
From $125-$250

The rims on your car sustain a lot of impact over a period of time, which can lead them to becoming cracked. While the severity of that damage can help render an easy decision on what to do, many people are prone to choosing replacement of that rim over cracked rim repair. That can be a costly decision, while making the choice to repair cracked rims in many cases will keep money in your wallet. 

Crack bent Alloy wheel rim
Crack bent alloy wheel rim


Here at Pioneer First Services, We believe peace of mind is worth something. That is why we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our cracked and cosmetic repairs, Something unheard of in this industry. It doesn't matter if it has been a day or five years, we will be here to make sure your Wheels always give you the best and safest driving experience possible.

Bent Rim Repair Services

Bent Alloy rim wheel repair

From $125-$250

The issue of bent rims on either your car or truck is one that's often the byproduct of an encounter with a curb, running over a pothole or even the wear-and-tear of your brakes. The need to fix bent rims becomes evident when you start encountering vibrations on your steering wheel or perhaps you feel an inability to simply control vehicle movement.


If such symptoms have suddenly arisen, the need to repair bent rim issues by taking it to a business that handles rim repair services becomes vitally important. The issue clearly won't improve on its own, which means that either bent rim repair or bent wheel repair is the only real course of action.

Rim Refinishing 
From $125-$250

All refinishing services are not created equal! We use the most up-to-date techniques, finishes, and Alloy wheel and rim repair methods to ensure that we can restore your wheel as quickly as possible to a Factory Finish by powder coating or painting them. Whether your rims are worn down by age or curb rash, let us take a look at your Alloy wheels or rims today so we can get them fixed as soon as possible!

Cosmetic curb rash alloy wheel  rim repair refinish

Other Services

Cosmetic and Curb

Bent Rim Restoration

Cracked Rim Repair

Custom Color Change

Caliper Painting


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*Lifetime Guarantee on all cracked and
cosmetic repaired rims 

Check out these Before and after repairs!

Custom alloy wheel rim refinish poder coat and paint
Cosmetic alloy wheel rim repair poder coating and paint
Machined Diamond Cut alloy wheel rim refinish poder coat paint

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